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Radiant – this is the traditional spiral element, reliable and effective usually with a lift up hob top for ease of cleaning. Solid Plate -sealed cast plates are exceptionally hard wearing and easy to clean. Red spot versions heat up faster than none red spot models. Ceramic – made from toughened glass, ceramic hobs look good and are easy to clean. There are standard ceramic, fast heat up ceramic (sometimes called ‘Fastlite’ or ‘Solarglo’) and Halogen hobs that heat up instantly at the speed of light. Generally the faster the warm up time, the more expensive the hob. Not all pans are suitable for use on ceramic hobs. Induction -these ceramic hobs work by using a magnetic field under the ceramic surface of the hob. They are extremely fast and controllable. Not all pans are suitable for use with Induction hobs.

Conventional Oven – this type of electric oven has either the heating elements in the sides of the oven, making the top shelf hotter than the bottom shelf, or elements in the top and bottom of the oven, giving the oven a similar temperature throughout. Fan Assisted Oven – has the elements in the top and bottom of the oven and a circulating fan to give a more even temperature.

Fanned Oven – has a heating element surrounding the fan at the rear of the oven this gives a reliable even temperature throughout the oven. Fanned ovens reduce cooking time and seal in the flavour of the food. Different types of dishes can be cooked in the same oven with no transfer of flavours.

Multifunction Oven – this type of oven can incorporate upper and lower heating elements and a fanned oven. It allows the flexibility to cook in a number of different ways using some or all of the elements and fan at the same time. Most models also have a defrost facility that uses the circulating fan with no heat.

Electric cookers with electric hobs and ovens require a double pole isolating switch (32amp or 45amp cooker switch) and cannot be run off of a standard 3 pin 13amp plug. They should be installed only by a suitably qualified electrician.


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